Shoot from the Trip


Alton Towers Ruins Lake Lawns

I’ve been visiting Alton Towers theme park every year since 1984. Yes, I am that old. That first visit was so exciting. It was a coach trip organised by the company that my Dad worked for. The journey felt like it took an age but I guess it was something like 2.5 hours from North Wales. I had never been to a theme park, but had heard about Alton Towers from other… Read More

October. What a great time of the year. Summer has been and gone. The nights are drawing in. The weather is getting cooler. But most importantly it’s almost Halloween, which means that theme parks and attractions across the land are opening their doors in the evenings to scare people witless at their scare events. There has been a growing trend over the years where scare attractions seem to be popping up here,… Read More