Bath Christmas Market stalls in front of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist

I love a good Christmas Market. My first visit of the year makes me feel like the festive season has truly kicked off, although I do have a general rule that it should not be until at least the first of December. I threw caution to the wind this year though and broke those self imposed rules and visited a market in November! What a rebel.

Having not had any experience of the traditional German Markets on the continent, until very recently, I have had to make do with visiting a few in the UK over the years, and we have some great examples in the south of England. For me though, no good Christmas Market is complete unless is located near a huge cathedral, which is why an evening at the Bath Christmas Market ticks all the boxes on my wish list.

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A collection of pastel coloured buildings ta Portmeirion Village

Earlier this year we took a little road trip around some of the finer parts of North Wales. If you are a regular reader, you may be aware that I originate from that part of the world and am always looking for a reason to share some of the local delights with you. This in turn gives me the opportunity to be a tourist on my home turf, to capture those locations that I can share with you. It also gives me the opportunity to splurge a little on fancy hotels, you know, for the blog. Read More

Sheffield Park and Garden Ten Foot Pond refelections

Autumn Colours

It’s that time of year when the British landscape turns a gorgeous shade of red, orange and brown as Autumn (or Fall if your from America) properly kicks in. I have to admit that I do adore a warm summer’s day but the colours of autumn create some beautiful scenery around us. As the temperature drops and the winter coats and scarves come out, there is nothing better than getting outside on a brisk and bright day to kick through the fallen leaves blanketing the ground. Read More

Harbour Views Whitby

There’s nothing quite like being near the sea is there?

The sound of the waves, the fresh air and the views out onto the seemingly endless horizon – it’s all wonderful. The great thing about living in the UK is that being a relatively small island, you are never really that far from the coast. Growing up in a coastal area I never really appreciated it, but now any opportunity to get out for a walk on the coast feels like a special treat. Read More