Spring, sprung.

You may not be familiar with Welford Park, a privately owned country house and estate in Berkshire, situated on the outskirts of Newbury, but if you are one of the millions of people who tune into the Great British Bake Off every year, then you will certainly recognise the house and grounds, as this it where the famed Bake Off tent is located every summer for filming of the show.

Welfod Park Snowdrops (1)Welfod Park Snowdrops (1a)

For most of the year the Welford Park estate is closed to the public, but in a tradition that has been running for over 50 years, the grounds are opened up for a few weeks in the spring, so guests can take in the magnificent display of snowdrops in the five acres of beech woodland that sits near the property.

Welfod Park Snowdrops (7)Welfod Park Snowdrops (3)

The dates vary year on year depending on when the flowers bloom (they were slightly earlier than usual this year), but in general you can expect to be able to visit from a Wednesday to Sunday during the month of February.

Welfod Park Snowdrops (10)Welfod Park Snowdrops (6)

The displays themselves are simply stunning, it is literally a carpet of white throughout the woodland. There are plenty of pathways allowing unobscured views of the woods along the way.

Welfod Park Snowdrops (2)Welfod Park Snowdrops (4)Welfod Park Snowdrops (5)Welfod Park Snowdrops (8)

Welford Park is open between 11am and 5pm, standard entry costs being £7.00 with concessions and children’s prices available. Dogs are welcome as long as they are on a lead. Given that this is a limited period of time, be prepared to expect quite the crowds on a sunny day. We had to queue a little while to get in, but the snowdrop displays are well worth it. There is also a tea room and shop available.

Welford Park
RG20 8HU

Office Telephone:  01488 608691
(During Office hours)

12 Comments on “Spring, sprung.

  1. This I would want to see. I’ve never viewed a landscape white with snow….without the snow. Thank you for sharing.

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