Autumn Colours It’s that time of year when the British landscape turns a gorgeous shade of red, orange and brown as Autumn (or Fall if your from America) properly kicks in. I have to admit that I do adore a warm summer’s day but the colours of autumn create some beautiful scenery around us. As the temperature drops and the winter coats and scarves come out, there is nothing better than getting… Read More

There’s nothing quite like being near the sea is there? The sound of the waves, the fresh air and the views out onto the seemingly endless horizon – it’s all wonderful. The great thing about living in the UK is that being a relatively small island, you are never really that far from the coast. Growing up in a coastal area I never really appreciated it, but now any opportunity to get… Read More

I’ve been visiting Alton Towers theme park every year since 1984. Yes, I am that old. That first visit was so exciting. It was a coach trip organised by the company that my Dad worked for. The journey felt like it took an age but I guess it was something like 2.5 hours from North Wales. I had never been to a theme park, but had heard about Alton Towers from other… Read More

We all love a good road trip don’t we? It’s a great way to travel,  to see a number of different places in one trip, building your own itinerary and taking everything at your own pace. A country as vast and varied as the USA is made for road trips, and no more so than than the State of California. California has everything. It has huge cities, amazing beaches and coastline, mountains… Read More